Become a pilot at “Karting des Fagnes"...
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 20:45

 Most current F1 drivers have one day raced at the “Karting des Fagnes”. Whether they are called Alonso, Button, Hamilton, Rosberg, Kovalainen, Trulli, Liuzzi or Raikkonen all have used their first suits at Mariembourg. You want to follow in their footsteps? So take place to the several competitions organised by “Karting des Fagnes”.

Circuit deemed the world through the organization of world events, Karting Fagnes nonetheless accessible to everyone. For those who dream of becoming a pilot for a day and ride in the footsteps of the greatest champions, Mariembourg track’s managers offer racing entertainment all year round. A great way to have fun with friends, family or colleagues during an "Team-Building" operation.

Always planned on Saturdays, these endurance events are performed on the international track, 1,366 meters long.
All the teams have identical karts from Sodi, engined on brand new Honda 390cc and offer often desperate struggles on the track. This does not prevent a friendly atmosphere between participants who are there for pleasure firt of all!

For the 2010 season, “Karting des Fagnes” has scheduled six races: three races of four hours and three of six hours.

While motorsport is often criticized for excessive costs they represent, the “Karting des Fagnes” manages to make its events accessible for everyone. With a price of 300 euros TTC for 4 hours races and 450 euros TTC for the six hours races, all divided by the number of people in a crew, the dream suddenly becomes very affordable and price / pleasure almost none. So, if your heart tells you, there is no reason not to become a pilot you too! You can find various information (timing, ...) by following this link ...


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